They are attempting to do a take-off on iPhone or Phone or Apple this or Google that, but whatever they believe they are doing it sure looks a lot like cybersquatting to me, and even if it is not an infraction of hallmark violation, it is certainly less than ethical.

A few days ago someone called me and wanted to sign my company up as part of their new company; Car.


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Entrepreneurs - The Two Top Concerns For Your Start Up Company and Business Plan


As a business owner with your business plan in hand, exactly what are the two top concerns you carry every day's action list as you launch your launch company?


Starting and running a company can be frustrating. Endless emerging action products seem to appear magically on your To Do List as you day develops - with all of them either whispering or shrieking to be your leading concern. And, when the day is done, it typically appears that or more of those unexpected priorities won - and the most essential action products you initially had on your list when you strolled into your office today did not get done - once again.


So, how is an entrepreneur to pick their top priorities - specifically when there is a lot that has to be done? The response is surprisingly easy.


Priority 1: Absolute leading concern for the CEO of a startup company: preserving a comfy money balance. Everything else is secondary. If this is not your leading concern, you greatly increase your risk that you will go out of company. To get more information about Business click on startup-me.ch .

Concern 2: The only thing that is close in top priority ... however that is still second to Cash Balance ... is generating favorable money flow from operations.


Every day, your Priority 2 needs to be driving sales - including short-term and long-term incomes. For a startup company, I suggest that the CEO invest half of every day on action items that straight relate to marketing and producing sales.


Top priorities 3 - 101? See Priority 1 and Priority 2. Yes, they are that essential.

Priorities 102 - 1,001? Products that at least indirectly, however favorably, help Priority 1 and 2.Period.

Priorities 1,002 - 10,000? Everything else required to run and grown your company.

Disregarding this chain of command of priorities is why most start up business fail ... so slay those dragons every day by focusing on Priority 1 and Priority 2.


How do you know exactly what a comfy cash balance is for your company? How do you know where genuine break-even accompanies your current services and products?


You have a sensible company plan - and you determine actual versus budget plan each month.


A lot of business owners make a huge error tossing together their company plan with sweeping generalizations that skew their projection so severely that their whole plan really is a case of GIGO - Garbage In/ Garbage Out. The only thing even worse than going the incorrect instructions based upon Garbage Out - is to go the wrong instructions, enthusiastically.


A bad company plan typically gets you going the incorrect instructions, often enthusiastically. The outcome is that the majority of business owners do not recognize this problem till it is too late to alter instructions and save their company.


Exactly what makes much more sense is putting in the time to generate realistic and significant launch, profits, and personnel and operating cost numbers for your brand-new launch company. If you require assistance, get knowledgeable mentoring from somebody who has the expertise you require - somebody who can ensure your underlying assumptions make good sense for your company in the real life.


You can use your company plan to know how much startup capital you will actually require, where your money balance will be each month and each year ... and when you will get to continual favorable cash flow from operations.


With this knowledge, you will understand ways to finest invest your Priority 1 and Priority 2 time on your launch company to obtain you maximum outcomes.

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